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We have a problem

Approximately 640,000 tons of ghost fishing nets float in the oceans every year and they make up to 46% of marine trash. 

The underwater world suffers

These nylon scraps, like ghost gear, kill many marine life because the nets float indiscriminately in the seas and the animals get caught in them. 

Gefangene Schildkröte

Our mission

Healthy Seas, Ghost Diving and fishermen getting this marine litter out of the oceans and I can create innovative fashion. Therefore we keep the oceans clean and alive.

Together we can!

Together we can achieve great things - but change begins with each individual. That's why Zoë's entire sport collection is made from marine trash like nylon waste and ghost gear. 

With every item sold in our shop, Zoë Klose Fashion supports Healthy Seas.

Our products

These nylon waste like ghost gear are passed on to Aquafil by Healthy Seas. With other nylon waste, Aquafil transformed all nylon waste into a new regenerated yarn, having the same characteristics as nylon made of virgin raw material.

This regenerated  Nylon is not only a solution to marine litter, it is also better in terms of climate change.
It reduces nylon's global warming impact by up to 90% compared to oil-based material. Because the only way we can truly achieve circularity is collaboratively and collectively.

The textile yarn has following CERTIFICATIONS. Also our OEKO-TEX® Stretch logo which is on every item has the OEKO-TEX® certificate. As well as the certificate of Certificate London Associati Srl.

Zoë Klose Fashion has serious intentions to apply new methods and attaches great importance to sustainability through environmentally friendly solutions and is open to new ideas for now and in the future. That is why she has been using the new regenerated nylon for her sport collection.

My personal vision: To preserve and create a beautiful world for humans and animals.

Be a part of this change too, with each of our sporting clothes there is less ghost gear floating in the seas.

Our partners

We are proud to be partners of  Healthy Seas and Ghost diving. Because the nylon waste and the ghost gear is collected by volunteer divers from Healthy Seas, Ghost diving and fishermen. Great things can be achieved together and our common goal is: To keep the oceans clean and alive. 

Healthy Seas-transparent.png
Image by Eric BARBEAU
Healthy Seas Ghos diving poland.jpg

Our partners

Montana Sports has been supplying us with Asics Eco shoes since 2023. We are very pleased about this collaboration. The shoes can be purchased in store and soon also here in our online shop.

Zoe Klose Asics_edited.jpg

The tailoring


Zoë Klose Fashion produces exclusively in Switzerland "Swiss made". Zoë not only appreciates the high quality of production, but also the precision of the tailors in Switzerland. That is why all of their items are produced and manufactured in Switzerland.

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