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Image by Marissa Rodriguez


Each piece is designed by Zoe herself


My great passions are fashion, sport and horses. And now I connect everything and it gives me such great joy.

Everything turned out a little differently in 2020, including my way of thinking about my fashion. Due to the Corona crisis, it was not possible to hold fashion shows. That's why I took the time to rethink and change my strategy. And the nice thing is that change always brings something new and I'm totally open to discovering new things. And so I decided to open an Online Shop. But I didn't want to sell Haute Couture online. So I came up with the idea of ​​creating a sport collection and sell it online in my own shop. And to be honest, it has been a dream of mine ever since I gave sports lessons: My own sport collection.

And so, by accident, I came across a sustainable yarn made out of ghost gear that changed everything...

I will tell you more about this under "Our Mission".

Zoe Klose Sport_SS22_1.jpg

So I found the perfect fabric for my first activewear and I'm still so much in love with it. The quality of the items is also very important to me. Therefore I made the explicit decision from the beginning on, that all pieces from my collections are produced in Switzerland. I appreciate the high precision and quality in the production of my products from start to finish. Each piece is designed by myself, then these drawings go on to create the patterns. And these in the end go to the tailoring and production. All processes are located in Switzerland.

Since 2023 I have launched my first passivewear for women and men. The cuts are a bit wider and more casual and nestle beautifully against the body, just to feel comfortable.

Zoe Klose Fashion Passivewear Polo Unisexjpg.jpg
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